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About Us

About RT's Lawn & Landscape, LLC

RT's Lawn & Landscape, LLC., under the leadership of owner Ryan George, proudly serves the Des Moines Metro area, with a profound commitment to the transformation of outdoor spaces into havens of natural beauty. As a dedicated family man, Ryan understands the significance of crafting landscapes that families can treasure for generations. His unwavering passion for sustainable landscaping practices, coupled with a personalized approach that mirrors his deep connection to his own home community, ensures that Ryan and his team infuse every project with expertise, creativity, and a profound sense of community.

At RT's Lawn & Landscape, LLC., we don't merely design and maintain landscapes; we are dream-weavers, sculpting outdoor havens that resonate with the heart and soul of each of our clients. Through our meticulous work we strive to provide you Reliable Personlized Care, Tailored to your Lawn.

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How We Started

Our journey as a lawn and landscape company began with a simple yet profound love for the outdoors and a vision to transform ordinary landscapes into extraordinary works of art. It all started with our founder, Ryan George, a dedicated family man living in Ankeny, Iowa, who was deeply passionate about nature and the potential it held to enhance the beauty of homes and communities.

With a few basic tools and a whole lot of determination, Ryan began offering his landscaping services to friends and neighbors in Polk County. Word quickly spread about the remarkable transformations he was creating in outdoor spaces, and demand for his expertise grew steadily.

As the requests for his services multiplied, Ryan realized the tremendous opportunity to turn his passion into a business that could not only beautify Ankeny & surrounding areas but also serve as a testament to his dedication to his community. And so, RT's Lawn & Landscape, LLC. was born. With a commitment to quality, sustainable practices, and a deep connection to the people of Ankeny, we started our journey to become a trusted name in the lawn and landscape industry. From those humble beginnings to where we stand today, our mission remains the same: to craft outdoor dreams that reflect the desires of each clients wants and needs.

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